Erach Munshi Udvada Fund Jashan and Luncheon 2015

We wish to continue the legacy of the annual Udvada Fund started by Erach Munshi and continued for thirty-ones years. Thanks to his devotion to the cause each year the amount collected has kept increasing. The total amount collected is distributed equally among the Navsari, Surat and Udvada Anjumans for disbursements to the needy Zoroastrian… Continue Reading

Memorial Service for Erach Munshi

On Saturday July 25th, 2015 ZAGNY lost its founding President and the community at large lost an amazing person. We would like to gather on Sunday August 30th, 2015 in a memorial service to celebrate the life and achievements of Erach Munshi. Date: Sunday August 30, 2015 Time: 11:00 AM Venue: Bent Hall 277, Peter… Continue Reading