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Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America  (FEZANA)

FEZANA Publicity Presentation

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Summary: FEZANA is an umbrella body created to represent incorporated Zarathushti Member Associations throughout the United States and Canada. FEZANA works for the social and religious well being of its Member Associations and individual Zarathushtis in North America.

FEZANA publishes a quarterly publication, namely, the FEZANA Journal. The FEZANA Journal is circulated throughout North America and the Zarathushti World.

FEZANA is an accredited observing Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in the United Nations.

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North American Mobed Council (NAMC)

North American Mobed Council – Seminar, July 30 2005

Introduction / Opening [View / Download]


Opening by ZAGNY: Presented by Homi Gandhi, ZAGNY President [View / Download]

Opening by North American Mobed Council: Presented by Ervad Dr. Jehan Bagli, NAMC President [View / Download]


Zoroastrian Scriptures – An Overview

Overview and explanation of Zoroastrian scriptures, including Avesta, Yasna, Visparad, Yashts, Vandidad, and Khordeh Avesta: Presented by B. Panthaki. [View / Download]


Early Development of Zoroastrianism and its influence on other religions

Overview of Zoroastrian history, along with historical contextual relationships to other religions. Presented by Cawas Desai. [View / Download]


Core Principles of Zarathushti Life – Doctrinal Aspects

“At its core the Zarathushti religion is Reflective not Prescriptive. The teachings of Asho Zarathushtra are not intended to be used literally, as a manual of rules by which one conducts daily life. Rather, they are a collection of aspirations and principles that operate in the subconscious and can have an impact on our daily life decisions.”: Presented by Khushroo Mirza. [View / Download]


World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce – New York Chapter

The World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce (, is a 501c(6) organization headquartered in Chicago with twenty Chapters located around the world. The Chamber facilitates networking, commerce, professional and career development, and energizes the renown Zarathushti entrepreneurial spirit. Industry and Integrity are its watchwords.